Saturday 27 April 2013

♥ ♡ ❥  My Yogastory  ♥ ♡ 

21 years ago I thought about practicing yoga for the first time. From this moment on it took me seven more years till I mat myself on the mat. “Meeting myself” was exactly what I did in the first classes, with a deep sense of that there was much more to experience about yoga while running a busy live in Berlin of the nineteenth.

After the birth of my first son I was ready to rebirth myself, quitted my job and signing in for the Integral Yoga Teacher Training in Berlin. This time was an incredible experience in several ways. Practicing Yoga with an Indian Brahman meant to me receiving the knowledge about authentic traditional Yoga. Next to Hatha Yoga, the practice of Asana, I found myself blissed up by the wisdom of traditional Yoga Philosophy transferred into our day’s life as a concept of simply supporting life.

Around in Berlin modern Yoga was growing fast. During this grassroots development I broaden my experience and knowledge about Yoga meeting international teacher representing several lineages of Yoga in Berlin and around in Europe (look up Website about Doris). 7 years behind my first Teacher Training I decided to deepen my knowledge following a second Training, the Anusara Teacher Training with its non-dualistic philosophical background and precise and ingenious alignment principles (Universal Principles of Alignment).
Practicing and studying Yoga mirrored me in my life: I’ve been challenged, struggled most of all during my latest Anusara Teacher Training while many changes took place in my life.
I wondered if yoga was actually beneficial and transformational, and I felt embraced and uplifted again exploring that the practice of Yoga still means inner reflection to me; it is through introspection that my practice of yoga is kept sustainable for me in any phase of life, from breath to moment and from moment to breath.

I feel blessed to share the gift of yoga, my experience and knowledge with many people around me believing in the transformative quality of this unifying practice of body, mind, spirit and soul, as a concept connecting human/people with their bigger source of life. That´s why I like to thank my students, teachers, colleagues and my family and friends for making Yoga grow.